The Luckiest People: People

I snapped this last time I was in Jerusalem … … I love the guy in the middle … … He looks like he’s really going somewhere. 🙂 The Luckiest People More Lucky People here … Olga and Masha making vareniki. January 17, 2014 | Vintage Photography Who are you. | Passionate Dreaming The Luckiest People | The Nameless One First Encounter: Meeting Abby | … Continue reading The Luckiest People: People

Fear Factor: Courage – A Festival of Lights

I had to wait until last night’s candle lighting to make this one. May your Hanukkah be full of doughnuts & your doughnuts full of jam 🙂 Happy Hanukkah to all!!! Hanukkah In the 2nd Century BCE, the second temple of Jerusalem was looted & Judaism was outlawed by the Greek King Antiochus. A Jewish priest named Mattityahu & his five sons stirred up a … Continue reading Fear Factor: Courage – A Festival of Lights