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Welcome to “ARTZINE”

“ARTZINE” is an art magazine feature on “Khana’s Web”, where we can share our experiences, thoughts and feelings regarding art. You neither need to be an artist, nor an art expert, to experience, appreciate, interpret, or have an opinion about art. You just need to be interested enough to take a look, brave enough to say what you think and open enough to listen to the opinions of others. You may even find your opinions changing as you exchange views with other readers, and you might contribute to changes in theirs too.

You can contribute in various ways:

  • Write your views in the comments section of any “Artzine” post.
  • Write a post of your own and link back to this page or the “Artzine” post that inspired your contribution.
  • Contribute material that you want to be featured in a post, you will get recognition for this. 
  • Consent to be featured in a post that is relevant to your art or life and possibly agree to be interviewed.
  • Guest blog a post on Khana’s Web to give an alternative feel to the feature.

Contribute as and when you feel inspired.
If you post, include “ARTZINE” in your titles and tags so that other readers can find your posts.
Posts can be any length, and on any art-related subject.
Just a few words, a piece of art work, a photo, a poem or a full scale essay the choice is yours.

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And remember it’s all for fun, you don’t need to be an artist or an expert, you just need to turn up to take part.

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We are all artists in one way or another, and finding our way through art can be a wonderfully liberating experience, giving us the opportunity to express some of our deepest thoughts and impressions, freely. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist you might be surprised at just how much you have to offer, and when you start looking at the many art-forms available chances are you’ll find one that works well for you too.

General Information:

  • “ARTZINE” was launched on Sunday, June 1st 2014.
  • “ARTZINE” was originally a monthly feature but this proved to be somewhat restrictive and is now open to posts at any time.
  • Contributors are invited to download and display the “ARTZINE” logo on their blogs and “ARTZINE” posts.
  • All posts related to “ARTZINE”  will be posted in their own “ARTZINE” category.

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Links To Previous Posts …

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  5. 06/10/14 :  What Was the First Work of Art that Spoke to You?

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