ARTZINE: Can Art Change the World?

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This Month – Can Art Change the World?

Of course there can be no absolute answer to this month’s question, as there are so many angles it can be approached from.

There’s no question that art can help in many wonderful ways.

Art can be used to raise money, to help and to educate, as in the following two examples …

Money raised from this portrait went to help girls in Nigeria

Malala Yousafzai portrait by Jonathan Yeo sells for $82,000

Elephant Art
Money from these paintings went to help protect elephants

Indian elephant creates own art

Art can be used to try and raise awareness and give hope of the posibility of a more positive future

Two of Banksy’s works on the West Bank wall in Israel

Banksy at the West Bank barrier

Art can be used to express anger and sadness in response to tragic world events.

Picasso’s “Guernica” was a response to the bombing of Guernica, during the Spanish Civil War

Art For Freedom

Madonna has her own artistic movement aimed at. raising awareness of all types of problems being experienced around the world, while encouraging artists towards creative freedom.

Artists create works based on their experiences and perceptions and contribute them for a chance to be featured in a monthly calender published online


On Madonna’s Art for Freedom: Why You Can’t Change the World with a Tweet

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For this month’s contributor’s …

Do you think art can contribute to change?

Tell us about art that you think changed the world or may change it in the future.

Show us art that changed your view of the world.

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Do you have something to share this month?

Your post can be anything from an image of your favourite work of art 

to a full scale essay of your opinions. The choice is yours.

Include “ARTZINE” in your title and tags so that other readers can find it

and link back to this post to be included here.

To find out more visit the “ARTZINE” page.

And remember it’s all for fun, you don’t need to be an artist or an expert, you just need to turn up to take part.

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Next Month on “ARTZINE” …

Sunday, October 5th – What was the first work of art that spoke to you? 


4 thoughts on “ARTZINE: Can Art Change the World?

  1. I firmly believe art can change the world. Think of a world with NO art–the world ISIS wants to create. They represent the end of civilization (not just civilization as we know it). Art has the power to inspire, convict, to encourage, to heal. A world without art would be Hell on Earth.


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