Share Your World – 2014 Weeks 29, 30 & 31

I’ve been away for 3 weeks, so I’ve got some catching up to do, here’s a 3 in 1 contribution for starters …

Dancing in the Park
Dancing in the Park – A typical summer afternoon in one of London’s parks


Share Your World – 2014 Week 29

Have you ever been in a submarine?  If you haven’t, would you want to?

I’ve never been in a submarine, but I would certainly love to do so,

I’d like to go down into the Abyss with David Attenborough in one of those exploration pods, so that I could watch all the wonderful wildlife of the ocean depths.

Are you a listener or talker?


One of the reasons my friends love me is that I can listen to them for long periods of time without interrupting, & then respond accurately because I actually remember what they said.

Once I start talking though I can be difficult to stop, especially after I’ve had a few 🙂

Do you prefer crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?   Anything with your peanut butter?

Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy.

I don’t dislike smooth, but I always feel it would have been better with the crunchy bits.

On pancakes I have butter, peanut butter, honey & chopped fresh fruit.

I know it’s awfully fattening but I don’t eat pancakes very often, so hopefully I’ll get away with it.

Have you ever been drunk?


Hic !!!!!

Yes indeed, but I actually hate being drunk & now drink very modestly.


Share Your World – 2014 Week 30

List 2 things you have to be happy about.

My life – It’s been fabulous so far & it’s still happening!!!

My loves – I’ve been fortunate to have loved & been loved by many wonderful souls & there are so many more to discover.

List at least 2 things in nature do you find most beautiful.

The ocean, trees, the sky, clouds, the stars, animals, the wind, mountains, lakes, grass, lightning. Where should I stop?

People, I love people. With all their faults & peculiarities they never cease to amaze me.

Show us a 2 of your favorites photographs. Explain why they are your favorite.   If you are not a photographer (serious or otherwise), think of a two favorite scenes in your life and tell us about them.

I chose 2 recent pics that I took on my trip to the UK.

I took this one on the beach in Hastings, during a quiet moment, while we were visiting my sister & her family.

I love it because it gives me a lovely sense of peace when I look at it. I have it on my desktop at the moment too.


I took the one at the top of the page in the park, while listening to a live performance of the Turbans, these 2 ladies just couldn’t stop dancing.

Summer sounds are one of the great aspects of London’s parks & the music is provided by bands from many different ethnic backgrounds.

The Turbans are a Turkish / British band & very lively. This pic reminds me of many summers spent dancing in the park in London.

List 2 of your best personality traits.

I’m a very loving creature. I truly enjoy making others happy & really don’t actually want much myself.

I’m very patient & understand that things need to happen in their own way & at their own time.


Share Your World – 2014 Week 31

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (guest can be dead, alive, famous or someone you just know)

Ooh! This is so hard.

I think I’ll go for …..

Albert Einstein, Timothy Leary & Mahatma Gandhi

… maybe between the 3 of them they would come up with the answer to …  “The Question of Life, the Universe & Everything!!!

What can you always be found with?

My camera & my laptop, if possible.

What is the most fun thing you did in school?

Oh dear!!!

I wasn’t, often, really bad at school, but there was this one time when a group of us broke into the tuck shop, storeroom.

We liberated several boxes of  tuck including; “Freddo Frogs”, “Tunnock’s Marshmallow Teacakes”, “Wagon Wheels” & various types of horribly coloured, sweet candy animals.

Did we scoff the lot? No, we took them up to the top of the school & distributed them for free to a long line of smiling kids.

How we didn’t get caught I will never understand, because we caused quite a commotion.

Anyway it never happened again because the nuns invested in a smart new security door for the tuck sop storeroom.

Looking back I can’t believe we really did it, it was a lot of fun though.

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

I stir widdershins (anti-clockwise) unlike most people who stir deosil (clockwise).

This used to really annoy my first husband who accused me of  upsetting the natural order of things as liquids are meant to go the other way here !!! ???


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

My trip to London with hubby & kids dominated the last 3 weeks.

It was a first offline meeting for his kids & my kids & we all had a great time.

Having all my bunnies in one basket for a while was wonderful 🙂

Share Your World – 2014

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