Too Big To Fail – The Best Movie of All Time

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).


I’ve always wanted to make a movie, well write a book & then make a movie of it.

I’ve had a passionate love of all things ancient & mysterious since I was a very young child.

I spent my childhood very much alone for various reasons & kept myself amused by reading & perusing  my mother’s book collection.

She had some marvelous books about all the different cultures, religions & traditions of the world.

Many of those cultures represented in the books have now disappeared forever, due to changing politics & religious influences.

Many ethnic, tribal & nomadic peoples have been coerced into living in towns & adopting more ‘useful’, urban lifestyles.

This, of course, has advantages as well as disadvantages but it does signal the end of many ancient, traditional ways & languages.

My movie would try to bring the ancient world to life & unlock it’s mysteries, revealing our true origins & thereby our true purpose & destiny.

I would like to make a movie because I think it’s easier to reach people visually, many people are reluctant or unable to read deep & lengthy books.

Why haven’t I tried this yet? Well …

… time, money &  ability are just three of the things I’m lacking & I’m sure there are many more.

Too Big To Fail – The Best Movie of All Time

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5 thoughts on “Too Big To Fail – The Best Movie of All Time

  1. I’m counting on you to make your movie! Come join Hotshot University over at my blog! Do one thing out of your comfort zone a week ~ it just takes baby steps and a few leaps and you’ll have it done in no time! ♥


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