Switcheroo: I Don’t Know Who!

If  you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

As I have had this blog for less than 3 weeks, I’m really not familiar enough with my fellow bloggers to make a choice of this kind. So I’m going to give this prompt a miss, but I will be intrigued to read everyone else’s contributions.

I notice that the weekly writing challenge is Metamorphosis, so not only are we being asked to write about exchanging our blog for that of another blogger, but we are also being asked to write about people and / or animals changing their physical forms to that of something else.

Change, then, is on the cards, as they say.  I’m hoping to be inspired enough to complete the Metamorphosis challenge. Maybe I’ll try a short fiction this time. We shall see.

Holy Cows



4 thoughts on “Switcheroo: I Don’t Know Who!

  1. I’m stuck in the same boat. I just started my blog, too. I’ve been at it about a week and hardly know anyone. Kind of feel if I cose to switch with anyone, they would be stuck in a realm of vast emptiness since I’ve not developed my blog very far.

    Good luck with your blog! It’s very good!


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