Silver Linings: When Ugly Is Beautiful!

Daily Prompt: Silver Linings
Write about something you consider “ugly” — war, violence, failure, hatred — but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope, in your thoughts.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us UGLY.

This is what I got when I Googled “Ugly” …

When Ugly Is Beautiful!
When Ugly Is Beautiful!

Seriously, take a look …

Ugly Models – London

They say …

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”

These people are beautiful & so confident about it that they are happy to be ‘ugly’.

I had a look at the ‘specials’.

These are unique people, the old, the young, the fat , the thin, the tall, the short, the tattooed, the pierced, the hairy, the bald.

Some are just naturally what they are, others have turned themselves into a work of art.

What makes people want to cover their entire bodies in tattoos or perforate themselves with piercings?

Is this confidence or something else?

Maybe it makes them feel more ‘unique’ than they already are.

We are all the Same

We are all Unique

We are all Ugly

We are all Beautiful

Just as Nature intended

Silver Linings


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