You’ve Got the Power: In The Service Of The State

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RULES.

Rules Is Rules

Queen Vic
Off With Their Heads!

My Law

I would introduce a new category of government employment aimed at eliminating corruption.

This would define a “Service of the State” status at all top levels in government & the legal system.

These people would be barred from earning money or making investments of any kind while in active service to the state.

Persons elected to govern the country or preside over courts of law would be provided for, but not paid by the state.

During their period of office they would have everything necessary provided for them to function in their position.

They would receive a settlement at the end of their service, directly reflecting their contribution to the state economy.

During their period of office they would be expected to take pride in the knowledge that they were serving the people of their country.

This might go some way to attracting a more wholesome type of individual to positions of high influence.

I can imagine that I would quickly become very unpopular.

You’ve Got the Power


4 thoughts on “You’ve Got the Power: In The Service Of The State

  1. That’s great! I read a story once where they had a system of government like that. People were chosen to serve in the government by lottery, only got a living expense and they had to do a great job or their private investments (which they couldn’t access during their term) would suffer!


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