We Can Be Taught! – The Fly & I

Tell us a moment or an incident that you treasure  — not necessarily because it brought you happiness, but because it taught you something about yourself.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LEARNING.

The Fly
The Fly

Today I tried to meditate

The fly had other plans.

Every time my mind detached

It landed on my hands.


At first annoyed I thrashed about.

Into the air it rose.

I settled down to contemplate.

It landed on my nose.


I puffed, I blew, I screamed abuse.

“Why won’t you go away?”

It landed, ‘PLOP’, upon my arm,

Determined it would stay.


The urge to kill rose up in me.

A short, sharp slap might find

A way to still the universe,

restore my peace of mind.


I looked at it, the little guy.

How soon it could be dead.

& suddenly I saw how evil

thoughts had filled my head.


Tranquility at such a cost

would hardly set me free.

I realized only Love

can give us Truth & Unity.


I decided that the Universe

was giving me a test.

That little guy was sent along

to show me how to jest.


I laughed, relaxed, he sat there still.

I closed my eyes & felt

his little legs departing

as I allowed my rage to melt.

& I

Words & Images: Khana Spector © All rights reserved

We Can Be Taught!

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10 thoughts on “We Can Be Taught! – The Fly & I

    1. I had to finish writing it & post it quickly on a bus, because I was travelling to an internet free zone for the weekend. The pic is not the fly in the poem, I’m happy to say, it’s some kind of wasp I snapped a couple of days ago & it just happened to be on my laptop lol. Thanks for reading & enjoying 🙂


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