You, the Sandwich: I, Omelette

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DINNER.

I think I’d have to go for the Zucchini Frittata.

They could call it Zukhana Frittata.

It’s one of the things I make when I know I will have a long day on the road.

It’s an omelette made with fried zucchini (courgette) slices

plus a little cheese, garlic, salt, pepper & nutmeg.

I use three eggs to two small zucchini, leave it flat & cut it into four pieces.

Each piece is just the right size to go between two slices of wholemeal bread

& make me a very tasty, nutritious & mobile lunch.

It looks something like this …

Khana Frittata
Zukhana Frittata

You, the Sandwich

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