Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

    1. Hi vicbriggs, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog & stopping to comment. I’m really glad you like the photo. When I read the challenge I remembered taking this on a visit to my husband’s mother & just had to post it.


    1. Hi onthetear,
      I’m not quite sure why you see using pingbacks as cheating & cheating at what exactly. WordPress provides this service & actually encourages it’s use. As far as I understand it, it’s a way of ensuring widespread sharing of posts. Blogging is not a competition & therefore ‘cheating’ is somewhat irrelevent as a concept.
      When we create new posts WordPress is constantly urging us to add what they refer to as ‘related links’. Most of these are actually pingbacks of other bloggers related posts. I find it rather tedious to keep adding them as wordpress endlessly urges me & not wishing to miss anyone out I go to the challenge page & add the list from there.
      It means that anyone visiting my blog can navigate to other bloggers & the links also get published elsewhere. It doesn’t really benefit me as most of my likes come from my followers & from people I ‘Like’. I always welcome & approve pingbacks on my blog & have discovered some of my favourite blogs by following them back to source.
      If you receive pingbacks that you do not want, WordPress provides another wonderful service with the options – Reply, Trash, Spam or Approve. I suggest that in future you use this & leave the running of my blog to me. I will continue to run my blog in whatever way I choose & would ask that in future you confine your comments to the post itself which is what the comment box is for.


      1. Yes, yes. As long as your link points to correct place. In your case it was 2 pages, 1 with actual post, another with links. Obviously, link was pointing to page without links, which I find cheating.


        1. I’ve checked the post in question & found that I omitted my usual direction to the links on the 2nd page, I have corrected this. Usually I move the links to the 2nd page after a few days in order to tidy up my blog as it displays whole posts rather than just headings like many others & becomes rather cluttered. Sometimes, when posting just one photo I copy a post & edit with the new pic & title, this can result in me forgetting to delete the page break. I shall certainly check for this in future posts.
          It’s a shame we seem to have got off on the wrong foot, hopefully any future comments can be a little more friendly, I wish you a very good evening.


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