The Weighing of the Heart

The Weighing of the Heart
The Weighing of the Heart

Horus oversees the weighing of the heart.
The heart of the deceased is being weighed against Ma’at by Anubis.
Ma’at represents Truth & Justice.
She is sometimes represented by her symbol the feather.
If the scales balance all is well & the deceased continues on to meet Osiris.
If the heart weighs heavy the deceased is devoured by the ever-waiting beast, Ammit.

Pencil drawing with digital editing.

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“The Weighing of the Heart”

by Khana Spector

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4 thoughts on “The Weighing of the Heart

    1. Thanks draliman, glad you liked it. I’m a bit obsessed with ancient cultures & I often assume that everyone knows the stories. Of course, not everyone does, so I thought I’d add the legend for those that don’t šŸ™‚


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