Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected – The Four Marys

Flag Bearters
Flag Bearers!!!

This was an unexpected procession that stopped me from getting to work one day …

Mary number 1
Nervous Mary – Mary # 1

I think it was to celebrate the feast of the Assumption

Mary number 2
Cute Mary – Mary # 2

Mary is believed to have been assumed, bodily, into heaven  …

Mary number 4
Mobile Mary – Mary # 3

The procession proceeds through the streets of Haifa ascending Mount Carmel as it goes …

Stella Maris - Mary #4
Stella Maris – Mary #4

I was given this picture while I was taking my photos …


It finally arrives & ends at the Carmelite Monastery of Stella Maris on the top of  Mount Carmel.

An angel?
An angel?

Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

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