Unexpected: Free Shipping on orders over $50 until Fri 13th Dec- Khana’s Web @ Society6

Unexpected Loss of Shipping Costs … God knows I try lol!!!

Framed 1
Framed Prints
The Elektrik Mug Collection
Neo Curve Promo
Neo Curve
Solstice Promo
Neo Promo
Queens Mates Promo
The Queens & Mates Mug Collection
Weighing of the Heart
Weighing of the Heart
Framed 3
Framed Prints



18 thoughts on “Unexpected: Free Shipping on orders over $50 until Fri 13th Dec- Khana’s Web @ Society6

  1. I’m afraid the timing’s off for me but I’m hoping to order some time in the new year. I’m currently buying a house and I’ll need something for the walls – some of your art will do very nicely!
    However, I’ve got to watch the pennies until I’ve coughed up for the house, solicitor, electrician, gas man etc etc.
    I’ve already picked out two I want, so as long as the house goes through and I actually have walls to put them on…


    1. Wow moving house is said to be one of the most stressful, as well as the most expensive experiences, so I’m really chuffed that you’ve even taken the time to look at my stuff.
      Thanks for the moral support, it means a lot to me just to know that you’ve seen two that you actually like lol.
      Good luck with the move, I’ll be over to check out your latest DraliDoodles very soon 🙂


      1. I’ve cunningly used a system whereby I don’t think about the next house-buying step until the previous one is sorted out (except in a general way). It keeps down the stress 🙂
        Hopefully will be completing in early January…


        1. Ha Ha sounds like a great system. It’s Friday 13th tomorrow & I fly to the UK. Always tempting fate lol. Have a wonderful Xmas & an even better New Year 🙂


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