Share Your World – 2014 Week 4

Share Your World – 2014 Week 4

Share Your World

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Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending with quiet time alone?

That depends on what you mean by a good time.

I like to go out at the weekend with my husband, nothing too energetic these days, just a quiet pint & maybe a tapa or two. I feel that after a week at work we’ve earnt a couple of hours of self-indulgence. We find that being in a different environment encourages us to communicate in a way that we don’t indoors. It’s very easy to get into a habitual way of life at home & forget to share some special moments. We’ve had some of our most interesting & funny conversations on our evenings out.

One of our favourite  evenings out is having a fire on the beach & eating burnt veggies & drinking gritty coffee lol, but we haven’t done that in a while. Having said that, we both enjoy a quiet evening alone sometimes as well. I like to curl up with a book & he likes to play computer games.

What is the most number of blankets you’ve ever had on your bed?

What a curious question! When I was a kid we would have a couple of blankets topped by an eiderdown, but that was in London. Nowadays I don’t have a real bed, just a mattress on the floor & I use a duvet in winter & a sheet in summer. In fact even a sheet can be too much in summer here, some nights we just need a fan lol.

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met. Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

Absolutely yes. I love a good party & I love meeting new people, but I probably wouldn’t stay as late as I used too.

Do you like talking to people on the phone? Or do you prefer voice mail or email?

I don’t mind talking on the phone if there is something relevant to talk about & I am not busy doing something else. I really hate those calls in the middle of cooking dinner from someone who’s called because they’re bored, but really has nothing to say.

I don’t do voicemail in either direction. I can’t stand talking to machines & I have the service disabled on my phone, so no one can leave one for me. I find email is the best for quick & efficient messages. It’s non-invasive & almost 100% reliable.

If I have to communicate long distance then I’d choose Skype any time. It’s free, you can see the other person & you don’t need to be attached to a handset. When I am in London without my other half, we sometimes have Skype on all day. It’s just like he’s in the next room. We can both go about our business freely & communicate when we need to.


6 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 4

    1. It’s an absolute Godsend for me because wherever I am I’m usually separated from one half of my family or another. It means I can keep in touch with my grandsons for instance, they’re growing up so quickly & I don’t want to lose touch 🙂


    1. Yeah it’s great. The weather is pretty reliable here in summer, so it’s safe lol. We don’t live as close to the beach as we did last year, which means we have to plan more carefully now, whereas it used to be a very spontaneous thing. It’s well worth the effort though 🙂


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