Share Your World – 2014 Weeks 16

Share Your World – 2014 Week 16

How many places have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

I have lived in 14 different places since I was born.

The first 12 were in London, England:

Kendale Road – from birth to age 1 – I don’t remember anything, but I know my mother had my cot on the balcony with the budgerigar, because I’ve seen the photos.

Blashford Street – age 1 to 4 – I remember this place well, it had no bathroom or inside lavatory & I was terrified of the huge spiders living in the lightless, outside loo.

Blashford Street & My First Car
Blashford Street where I got my first car!

Inchmery Road – age 4 to 10 – My grandparents huge & spooky house. It had one room full of clocks ticking away endlessly & another full of  huge empty wardrobes.

Thornsbeach Road – age 10 to 17 – Ah, my adolescent years. Another huge house with a secret attic room. I used to hide up there with a candle & read horror stories.

Thornsbeach Road at 14 with my first husband
Thornsbeach Road at 14 with my first husband

Broadfield Road – age 17 to 19 – My first husband’s, parent’s house. We lived here with our first baby, crammed into his bedroom, often with his mates, until the ceiling collapsed.

Evans Road – age 19 to 20 – Our good friend Sista Dee took us in . This was our first communal year. She introduced us to the wonders of the Stonehenge festival & we never looked back.

Stonehenge 1979
Stonehenge 1979

Brownhill Road – age 20 – Back to my mum’s for a brief period, while we waited to be rehoused.

Heather Grove Estate – age 21 to 22 – My first independent home. Not for long though. We left to move into a communal squat & join our first musical family.

Benin Street – age 22 – Another short lived residence. It turned out that our new ‘friends’ were drug dealers with enemies. I was pregnant with our second child & so …

Montem Road
The studio at Montem Road

Montem Road – age 22 to 23 – I gave birth to my son in an attic room here. It was a communal squat, full of musicians & mystics, but the council started to demolish it with us inside so …

The Family Years
The Family Years

Waldram Park Road – 23 to 35 – This was where I raised my family. My third daughter was born in the lounge. It was a golden period in my life. I spent much of it in the woods & fields, however, traveling the festivals with our ‘family’ of musicians, mystics & artists. Then my marriage ended & we all went our separate ways.

Ullulators2 1987
The Extended Family

A******** Road – 35 to 51 – Anonymity due to it still being functional as a family home for us. I had a brief & disastrous relationship here & then settled down to family life single & happy for 12 years, until I ‘met’ my current hubby. This was my first non-communal, independent home.

The last 2 were in Haifa, Israel:

HaAliyah HaShniah – age 51 to 53 – I moved here to live with my husband after our marriage. It was a miserable bachelor apartment & I couldn’t wait to move. It took 2 years to shift him.

B** Y****** – age 53 & beyond – I love it here. My artistic self has blossomed & my husband is so much happier too. We still want to be more rural but for now this is perfect.

What type of music relaxes you the most?

Shamanic style world music.

Native American either north or south is perfect.


If you could instantly become fluent in another language, what would that language be and why?


My step-kids speak Arabic & it would be great to be suddenly fluent enough to understand them when they’re arguing.

It’s difficult to mediate when you don’t know the whole story.

If you could fly or breathe under water what would you prefer?


I’d love to be able to fly, soaring through the skies, free to travel wherever I want

Except of course if I can’t breathe under water I won’t be able to descend into the depths of the ocean.

So maybe …

Breathe underwater, exploring the endless mysteries of the dark & mysterious oceans.

I want it all.

Bonus question:  

Grateful for … 

An undisturbed week of art & starting work on a new project.

Looking forward to …

Working on my new project.


Cee’s Photography


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    1. I was at work fortunately, but my husband & baby daughter were at home. Nobody was hurt, but a lot of our stuff was ruined. The ceiling was destroyed by water so there was a lot of slushy debris 😦


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