Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts – Neo

The Neon Family – Posing Contrasts!


Other contributions to  Contrasts !


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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts – Neo

        1. Not at all Isadora, I loved the idea of the psychedelic crayons, it made me smile.
          Do you have some of your artwork online? I’d love to see some 🙂


  1. Such vivid neon colours. All of them look very pretty. I reckon it won’t be pretty if one of the lights decide to go out. A family portrait of lights 🙂


  2. We are family
    All my sisters, brothers and me
    – ok, so maybe I got the words of the song wrong (apologies for the unintended rhyme), but your set of neon lights reminded me of that golden oldie: I can almost see them dance 🙂


    1. Wonderful Vic. My eldest daughter used to love that song. Every time I look at this I see a family posing lol. I’m so glad you can see them too 🙂


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