Clothing Designs from Khana’s Web – Please Tell Me What You Think!!!

These are the latest designs available from my Print All Over Me store …

Each design is available on a selection of garments, which can be viewed in the store.

I work to make something a bit different that will stand out on special occasions and nights out.

Please let me know what you think, all genuine critiques are very welcome.

Golden Mandala Hoodie
Golden Mandala Hoodie

Each garment is freshly made for you.

Night Life Full Skirt
Night Life Full Skirt

First printed onto high-quality cloth & then steam-cleaned

to ensure maximum penetration of the design, 

so no fading.

Sunflower Star Work Shirt
Sunflower Star Work Shirt

All this takes time and you may have to wait from 2 to 4 weeks for your delivery.

So if you need your garment for a special event, order well before the date needed.

I hope you like what you see.



8 thoughts on “Clothing Designs from Khana’s Web – Please Tell Me What You Think!!!

  1. Lovely skirt design, a sure win but the shirt designs are a bit too out there and would overwhelm the wearer. That’s my opinion tho, there might be someone out there who loves them just like that 🙂


    1. Hi Ruby thank you so much for your feedback.
      Everyone seems to love the skirt which I’m really pleased about.
      The shirts are indeed a bit loud lol, but that was the intention.
      I’ve had really positive feedback about the shirts from Asian & Middle-Eastern guys, but none at all from further West.
      I’ll post them on more sites & see what comes back.
      I’ll also be posting more designs here soon & it’d be great to hear what you think of those too 🙂

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