Goals: Thanks Everyone!

When you started your blog, did you set any goals?

Have you achieved them?

Have they changed at all?


I started my blog on 08/05/13.

I wanted a space to share my stuff with the world.

I wasn’t sure exactly why & I wasn’t really expecting anyone to be interested.

Since then I’ve made 17 posts, this will be my 18th.

I’ve read some amazing posts by other people & received

around 71 assorted comments & pingbacks.

I’ve lost count of the likes & even have people following my blog.

So yes I have achieved my goal, I’m sharing my stuff with the world.

And yes it’s changed, I now realize how many people there are who want to share their stuff too.

So my new goal is to read other peoples posts & let them know that I like theirs too.

Goals: Thanks Everyone!

Other Bloggers Goals on the next page …


8 thoughts on “Goals: Thanks Everyone!

  1. Thank you for the pingback. You’ve done well seeing that you have been going for less than 3 weeks. I am going to start following your blog now, maybe you’re amount of readers will rocket 😀


  2. Glad to hear that you are happy in the Blogging World and have obtained your goals. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your readers and for using my articles as a reference.


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