Mind the Gap – Smartphones, The Internet & Everything!

I have a ‘Blackberry’.


I can do everything I need to do on it.

It lacks just one thing – The Internet.

Why? Because that’s how I want it.

I spend huge amounts of time on the internet. If  I’m not blogging on WordPress, writing lenses for Squidoo, adding designs to my Zazzle or Cafepress stores, uploading to Flickr, checking Twitter or Facebook, then I’m probably browsing the net researching for my latest article or searching for some good music to listen to on Youtube.

I spend far too much time sitting in front of my computer screen, my body suffering from lack of exercise, my eyes blinded by the light & glued to a single focal length, my mind & soul deprived of real sunlight, wind, air & the natural movements of trees, clouds, the sea & the like.

When I finally rise, stretch & venture outside, I leave the internet firmly behind me. I leave, clutching my camera, not my smartphone. I see it as an opportunity for some genuine interaction with the universe. A breath of fresh air, a well pool of inspiration & an endless stream of photographic ideas.

If I have a real flesh & blood person to talk to, I feel it’s only right to give them my full attention. Frankly nothing annoys me more than trying to converse with someone that’s constantly tapping away on their smartphone.

Don’t get me wrong, I think both the internet & smartphones are wonderful things that open up the world for us in a way that would simply not be possible without them. all I’m saying is … Get A Grip!

Moderation is one of the great keys to a healthy life. If you eat too much & exercise too little you will end up overweight & weak. Generally speaking, indulging in or neglecting anything too much is bad news for the individual concerned.

So don’t forget to tear yourselves away from your gadgets sometimes & reconnect to the real world, nature, your loved ones & most importantly yourselves.


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