We just got home to find we’ve been burgled.

My laptop is gone so that will slow me down a bit.

I’ll do my Daily prompt tomorrow, luckily my husbands old PC was too big to steal.

What a mess. Night all.

5 thoughts on “Burgled

    1. Thanks for the consideration. It’s a real pain. All my work is on my laptop. I have a lot backed up but I’ve also lost a lot, particularly photos. They took my passport & bank details too & as I’m currently in Haifa it means I have a hell of a lot of stuff to sort out before I can even fly to London. But yes, you’re absolutely right – At least we’re OK 🙂


    1. Thanks Debra, I’m not expecting to see any of my stolen stuff again. I’ll just pick myself up, dust myself off & keep walking. I really appreciate the hugs & hope you feel mine coming back to you 🙂


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