Bookworm: Spot “The Hobbit”!

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Spot “The Hobbit”!

Spot The Hobbit
Spot “The Hobbit” – Really!

It’s a bit hard to find , especially as the photo is rubbish,

but it’s all I’ve got until I return to London & take some better pics.

A surprise pic for anyone who finds it.


The Hobbit

The last book I read was “The Hobbit” by J.R.R.Tolkien.

I’ve been meaning to read it since I was a child.

I remember my teacher starting to read it with my class when I was 8.

I was unfortunately a very sickly child & around that time I became seriously ill.

I had been training for my Cycling Proficiency Test & every Wednesday evening my mother walked me & my bicycle up the hill to a local state school.

It wasn’t the school I attended for my education because it was considered ‘inappropriate’. I had to travel out of town to a different school that followed an ‘appropriate’ religious doctrine.

Anyway, on the evening of the said test I felt decidedly unwell, but insisted on climbing the hill with my bicycle.

I saw this test as a milestone in my quest for independence from my mother, who had kept me wrapped up in proverbial ‘cotton wool’ for most of my young life.

If I could pass this test I thought it would be like getting a driving license, I had visions of cycling all over town in the road, instead of round & round in circles on the pavement outside my house.

Alas it was not to be.

We arrived & watched several other young people take their test & strut off clutching their certificates, but I was feeling more & more faint as my turn approached.

Finally my name was called & I positioned my bicycle at the start of the course.  I mounted the bike, pushed on the pedals & collapsed quietly onto the ground.

I vaguely remember faces looking at me & being slightly embarrassed as I passed out & when I awoke I was shocked to find myself in an isolation chamber on the children’s ward of the local infectious diseases hospital. I’d been there, unconscious for some days & I woke up at night furious that my mother was not there.

I had been diagnosed with pneumonia for the second time, the first time was when I was 4 & I was away from school for several weeks. When I returned “The Hobbit” was long finished & forgotten. I was very disappointed & vowed to read it for myself.

Funnily enough I read “The Lord of the Rings” twice before I got around to “The Hobbit”, but finally chose to read it recently because I didn’t want to risk seeing the film first. I still haven’t seen the film but I did really enjoy the book. It was especially nice to meet many characters from “The Lord of the Rings” in an earlier setting.

I’m sure no one needs an explanation of the book from me but if you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend it. It’s a very easy & pleasant read.



16 thoughts on “Bookworm: Spot “The Hobbit”!

  1. I also enjoyed reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy several times but I have yet to see The Hobbit. I thought I’d wait until they’ve made them all.


          1. My son is like his mummy loves to join the world of books and joy it brings even my little man who has his problems toddles over book in had and demands I read stick man Peter rabbit or Winnie. In my home books come first play station and tv way down the list. I hope I’m a good mummy I know I got two good little boys that are clever


            1. Sounds great. I noticed a huge difference in my kids creativity during times of having a TV & not having one. TV can be useful if it’s kept low on the list, as you say. My kids are grown up now & my husband & I choose not to have a TV. We’re just glued to our computers lol 🙂


              1. I do worry about how fast baby’s are growing up I love there imaginations. And I hope they can keep it for ever. But also hope they have more confidence then me as I write stories but no one ever sees it. So hope getting them to read ect would help them be creative and archive what they want but also be creative happy.


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