Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Here are my Insides for this weeks challenge …

Inside a Sarcophagus
Inside a Sarcophagus

…He’s still alive … honestly …

Inside a Cabinet
Inside a Cabinet

… No I didn’t give him anything from this cabinet …

Inside a Bus
Inside a Bus

… Still I might just make my getaway on this bus…

… I wouldn’t want to end up …



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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

    1. We were driving around in the north & went to visit a little museum which was, unfortunately, closed.
      There were many ancient artifacts outside though so we decided to take a look.
      As soon as my husband saw the tomb he jumped in & said, “Quick take a pic of me inside”, lol.
      I found the cabinet in another museum a few days later it was my favourite pic of the three too.
      Thanks for stopping to comment 🙂


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